Offering 奉獻



  1. 通過網上銀行電子轉款作奉獻 — 請電郵 查詢
  2. 郵寄支票 – 支票抬頭 Rosewood Baptist Church
    請把填寫好的支票, 另附上你的姓名、地址、(若有奉獻號碼亦填上)
    寄到教會地址:2601 McNicoll Ave., Scarborough ON M1V 5N8

Offering is an expression to show our love to God. Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministries of Rosewood Baptist Church. Your offering will be a great support to our mission in proclaiming the Words of God.

Sending in your offering:

  1. Via e-transfer — email to for detail instruction.
  2. Via mailing of Cheque — send in a cheque payable to “Rosewood Baptist Church” together with your personal info re your name, address, (official offering number if you have one ).
    Church mailing address: 2601 McNicoll Ave., Scarborough, ON M1V 5N8